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  1. Good news Stormy. Ultrasonic soaking is remarkable. For those that don't have access to one, I've had reasonable success cleaning fuel senders by cleaning with a penetrating oil such as WD-40 or better. I have heard a bleach soak works too but don't know first hand.
  2. Paul K.


    The Avanti IIs I have owned that had the original keys used an original Studebaker "Lazy S" key blank for the glove box and console. Same as the one on my 63.
  3. FWIW, you can replace the Chrysler key and lock with a GM unit. I'm not a Mopar fan at all and my OCD side just couldn't handle turning a Chrysler key to start a Chevy/GM engine. Just felt wrong so I swapped them. 🤪
  4. If you know who insured the car during your family's ownership they may be able to check the file showing the VIN. Also, if you have any photos showing the license plate you could check with that states DMV. Modern day privacy laws may present roadblocks but since you are family maybe not. Dan Booth at Nostalgic Motors has all the build sheets and he might be able to find your build sheet as its only about a150 car range. If your dad ordered the car and it was built with his choice of features, then his name should be on the build sheet. If your dad owned a company, he may have purchase
  5. +1 . My 63 did not have PS and it was fine for me. Yes, it was harder to steer when parking, however, the added road feel while driving I really liked. FWIW, I heard that only about 5% of Avantis did not have PS.
  6. Contact Studebaker Intl. Thats where I got mine.
  7. I'll just add my comments. I purchased these from John about 20 years ago. Didn't think there were any more left. Very happy.
  8. I'm certain the seats were not redone. It was parked and in 1972 and not driven. I purchased the car from the original owner and had the service records but nothing for the seat pad. Good point, if it was dealer option or similar, another one would have turned up. Thanks for the comments.
  9. First thought too was it was aftermarket, however, its done in the correct slightly metallic red vinyl like the seats. I still have a suspicion its a dealer item not something done by a trim shop.
  10. 63 R1 I sold a few years ago came with this seat pad which to me looked like an original and not aftermarket. Its vinyl was the same as the interior seats which were positively original. Curious if anyone had seen one of these before? If factory or dealer option, I assume is was designed for the thin seats before the thicker seats were introduced. Last pic is how I found it when I purchased the car in 2008. It was sitting since 1972.
  11. Happy to help. I have restored and owned MANY 60s and 70s Cadillacs during the last 30 years. Newman and Altman offered more than a few Cadillac colors especially the optional "Firemist" colors that were slightly irridescent with a slightly larger metal flake than the standard "Poly" colors. I remembered San Mateo Red was offered in 1970 for Cadillac. From the photo of your car and the the color chip below, I would say that SM Red could be your color, or at the least a good place to start for a color match.
  12. San Mateo Red is a Cadillac color as were many Avanti II colors.
  13. Yes, your earlier quote was the one I was referring to. Sounds like the same person installed the motors on our 74s.
  14. Not sure if this is an Avanti Urban Legend but I heard that the earlier the Avanti II was, the better in regard to the frames. Apparently, Avanti Co. stored their frames piled up like firewood outside in the weather. The newer the Avanti II, the rustier and weaker the frames were. Of course the frames were cleaned up and painted before building cars but they were not stored properly. Also, I think later on they ran out of Lark convertible frames and welded in the X crossmember to standard frames. Not a big deal if the welding is good. On the earlier motor mount comment from anither poster, I
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