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  1. Hello all, I am in negotiations to sell one of my cars and the respondent is a fellow named Jean Claude Legros.  We have had extensive email back and forth and he says he recently purchased an Avanti on the west coast, using a Schumacher Logistics to transport the vehicle. 

    The last conversation was one that tripped some flags, as he indicated this transport company will be the payer and pickup entity.   The company is real, as is the person I was told to contact just gave me their details.

    I'm just doing some diligence.   Does anyone here know this individual?


  2. You can access the torque box bolts from the top by removing the sill plate and rubber mat and drilling a few 1.5-2.0" holes in the fiberglass.  Use Kroil or PB Blaster on them from the top.    Worth a try and beats hell out of drilling them out from underneath.   Returning the sill plates and rubber conceals everything you've done. 

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