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  1. I gutted my Avanti interior to renovate it.  If my memory is still accurate, removing the Evaporator went like this   / Side console panels (underdash) where the A/C air intake is / remove front air distribution grille, switches, thermocouple, etc. / Remove radio /   Remove A/C hoses from expansion valve / tie the hoses off to the right side  / Remove heater-blower assembly behind glovebox /  undo the obvious electrical connections then you can see enough to unbolt the large dual cage fan and evaporator. / It has to come out on the passenger side.

  2. My 70 was delivered with  metallic lime green paint and an interior using avocado vinyl with black, white and yellow houndstooth seat inserts....   YahHhhhh!    I bought it as a demo car and the interior  only lasted a few months before I had the seats reupholstered in olive green suede.  



  3. I was told that back pressure on the impeller is required over a certain RPM or else it will cavitate, however I've never heard of an airscrew cavitating, only a boat propeller.  So, the obvious issue would be the internals.   I wonder if this ancient warning applies to the newer bronze  parts and higher pressure spring packs...  

  4. Well, this was done back in the late 90's and I bought the column at a Carlisle Spring Swap Meet. The measurement was from notes I had taken with me.  That figure stayed in my head, so it's pretty accurate. The info I had at the time, I believe mentioned a Camaro and the Panel truck, but they were both the same measurement.  The difference being one had a floor shift and the other a column shift.  Likely I opted for what was available and modified it for my purposes.

    The lower shift linkage loop had to be removed and there was no issue, either mechanically or cosmetically.  The upper housing did not have any issues either as it was covered by a secondary fascade of my own design and incidentally mounted an 89' Avanti dashboard and a Momo steering wheel.

    The under dash bracket I made/used was more the GM style, as there were some issues with the bolts or spacing.  I believe there are 4 bolts on the Stude version and only 2 on the GM column.  Nothing too difficult to remedy.

    The spline may have fit the existing rag joint hardware, but I recall getting a new rag joint and I don't think it came with another metal (upper) fitting, so the probability was that it worked ok.  

     It has the column ignition switch which worked fine once the electrical circuits, including the turn signals  were cross referenced From Mitchells Manuals to connect to the Stude circuit.   Some of the switch circuits were not used.  However during this renovation, I also installed an HEI ignition and a T700R4 trans and shifter quadrant from a Camaro, using some of the circuitry to enable the Neutral safety switch and something else ( parking brake solenoid?).  (I have a manual that I made up, to explain all this)

     I recently (~ 2 years) replaced the started switch with another Delco unit and they're still available, but in 2 flavors of the push/pull rod and you have to be aware which.    I have a lot of pictures of all this but as you might expect, they would take some time to gather.

    Hope this was of use.


    I'll blow my horn a bit.... Here's one picture






  5. I used a tilt column from a 69 GM panel truck w/column shift in my 70 Avanti.  Had to cut off the lower shift linkage loop and fabricate an under dash mounting bracket.   Length was exact and the spline fit the upper steering box rag joint connector. (~29.5" long . If I remember correctly)  

  6. I'll guess R4581 has the fresh air intakes under the grille below the windshield.  Look up under the dash and find them, then connect some type of automotive conduit hose, I think @ 1.5" to the flange and route it to the shift console.  There's a "ram air" type effect at the base of the windshield and will force air into the conduit and through the shifter quadrant area..

  7. I had posted a link to a Parts Sale on the SDC forum.   In the fray of  having to deal with a sudden surge of interest, I neglected to get over here right away.    There's still a lot of stuff  available.   Have a look ....    But please do NOT use THIS FORUM as a messaging avenue, use the email link on the sale page 

    thanks/ RJ


  8. I had posted a link to a Parts Sale on the SDC forum.   In the fray of  having to deal with a sudden surge of interest, I neglected to get over here right away.    There's still a lot of stuff  available.   Have a look ....    But please do NOT use this forum as a messaging avenue, use the email link on the sale page  The SDC forum messaging system is not very efficient.

    thanks/ RJ


  9. On 7/14/2019 at 10:54 AM, studegary said:

    Thank you.  My decades old faded pencil notes have become hard to read.  I probably should have transcribed a lot of the information years ago, but saw no reason to do it at that time.  


    Well, it's time that you looked for all your notes and rewrote them, created a digital file and stored it.  Do you know how much info goes down the tube when we "depart the fix"....?



    ....and that goes for anyone who has anything  worthy, valuable, interesting, but not speculation...

  10. Has anyone come up with a mounting design  or an actual mounting device,  for "under the bumper" road/running lights without having to drill the underside of the bumper.   I'm looking at the radiator core support as a base to bolt on some kind of a mount either manufactured or fabricated.  



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