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  1. The point of this process was that I did not have to remove the dash. It was done in place. I don't know the process but, the results do speak for themselves.
  2. Given the mount of damage the entire dash was $700.
  3. Good work deserves some exposure. For us Southern California owners. La Verne, CA = Magic Touch Vinyl repair. Just 24 hour turn around.
  4. Thank you for the photos Mark. It sounds like placement was a matter of taste. I just received the Authenticity Manual from AOAI. The book has and will answer a lot of questions. It shows both locations for mirror placement as a Parts and Service letter with template.
  5. I am looking for an A/C equipped 64 console panel, preferably with the wood grain. See Pic - I am willing to pay your price. Gary 951 776-2026 or email coasthwy1@aol.com
  6. I believe I saw a repro set of hinge pins with the pressure caps for sale but I can't find it again. Anyone know where to buy a set?
  7. Bob...thank you for contributing! I like how you think outside the box. I am going to try to match up the aftermarket A/C with the original console outlets. Now that I am not robbing the 63 (I am sure the purists will thank me) I need to find an A/C console plate. Someone can name their price...Hint hint.
  8. So, I started this thread by saying that I was going to take an original, complete, all Studebaker , A/C unit and change cars with it. Now I am wondering IF - Can I retrofit an aftermarket evaporator/blower at a mere fraction of the cost? The aftermarket shown is 15 3/4" W x 13 1/2" D x 6 5/8 H. Read again the original size, and you can see that it will fit. It has two two function switches too. I know that I can reverse engineer the box to match up with a factory console panel. And for $80 bucks, it's cheap enough to try. NOTE...I have been told by A/C experts that the original factory compressor is NOT conducive to R134. It is not as efficient, and thus not as cold. So, that original part may not be a swap option either. In other words, I am already having to make changes to make it work.
  9. The original, factory Evaporator/Blower is apx. 16" W x 13" D X 7" H. That is about the same measurement as many aftemarket, underdash, Evaporator/Blowers.
  10. The suction cup idea is great. Amazon has a bunch too. I am going to buy one.
  11. The original factory sales brochure shows no outside mirrors. Then we find outside mirrors on the fenders. There are also outside mirrors on the doors. Some have only a drivers side mirror. All appear to be correct. Anyone know why the different placement?
  12. Nothing I could find on this forum so, apparently no one else has had the same thought? That tiny rear view mirror on my 64, with its low mounting position, makes it next to worthless. Yes, I could raise it with some windshield glue. I could replace it with an aftermarket, larger mirror. I could just as easily forget about it, now that I have mentioned it.
  13. Sold....please contact gary 951 776- 2026. Or text 951 218-6710 Thanks
  14. 9/13/19 wanted 63/64 woodgrain A/C console panel with diffusers and switches
  15. Here's what is known so far..... The console side panel on an AC car is wider and is a separate, removable, panel. With the side panel removed, one can see the mounted evaporator/ blower housing in place. There is a circular hole on the evaporator/ blower housing corresponding to the vent/diffuser on the removed side panel. In my 63, these side vent/diffusers are black plastic. One each side
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