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  1. Rotors, usable as is, might have one cut left, calipers (stuck), caliper mounting brackets, master cylinder (stuck) rear cylinders ( disassembled, pitted, but ready for sleeving) Any or all for the price of shipping from 28804. I need them out of my way ASAP.
  2. Indeed it did sell! And there were two buyers pounding each other over the head in the last minutes. Hammer price was $26.250 for a #4 car. Yes, I am quite pleased.
  3. Hi DAPY, thanks! BaT and other non auto auctions prefer no reserve for obvious reasons, but there does seem to be a flurry of action when there is no reserve, or it is dropped. I was feeling good about the action so decided to kick it up. It was close enough to me reserve for me to risk. I'm getting close to break even, which is all I need!
  4. Thanks, That gives me a good chance of breaking even
  5. Now we shall see! https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1963-studebaker-avanti-9/
  6. My notes said I had replaced the filler hose, but I must have meant to remember to replace it.
  7. Was there a running change in the location of the vent /overflow lines? The connections on my tank are not in the same place as shown in the Bob Johnstone's web page, especially the vent connection which is dead center on my tank, instead of to the side on his photo. Further, the vent line runs up into the left pillar, then back down and through a hole in the tank floor, instead of the right wheel well as described on that page. My issue is gas fumes in the cabin that I cannot locate. Should I re-route this line?
  8. The car does have promise. Using my labor, including painting, I estimate $10K will have it looking very good, but I don't have $10K or the desire to put more time into it. I will probably put a flyer ad in Hemmings and see what happens before I go to auction. I'm not sure Bring a Trailer would list it either.
  9. Albert Ross, a/k/a my 1963 ,R1092 R2/Powershift car has been a challenge, but I've won. But I am tired. Is Hagerty's value of $16,000 realistic for a #4 car? That's a bit less than I have in it, but that's the way things go. Here is a quick synopsis of Albert: Original RS 1038 R2, which was just rebuilt completely. Supercharger works fine. Hog troughs and frame are solid. Completely new/remanufactured brakes, from the pedal to the disc/drums, with a Turner conversion on the front. Steering is good, exhaust is old but solid, glass is good. I finally overcame all the crap that comes with a car that was poorly stored for 20+ years. Finally, everything works as it should, and it drives well. Well, there is no antenna, so the radio is unknown and the clock...it of course does not work. Glass is all good, and very little fiberglass work to be done. Here is where it gets ugly like a moldy original Shakespeare manuscript: The paint SUCKS! But really awful paint isn't any more expensive to repair than tired paint. Chrome is straight, but worn and pitted. Maybe OK for a driver if you aren't very picky. The car sat for years outside, filled with water, and got really moldy inside. I stripped most of it, scrubbed the heck out of it, but everything needs re-doing. Dash pad is passable, but not perfect. Here is my conundrum: It's a great driver, ready to go if you are blind, but as butt-ugly as it can be. It does not present well, yet everything it needs probably costs no more than if it just looked tired. Is the Hagerty's value reasonable? How can I present this car for sale better than any photos would suggest? What venue might be best to present it?
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