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  1. Same goes for me... ol #388 went into hibernation in ‘72, and most of the small details are untouched.
  2. Oh yeah, at the time... SI told me they would only rebuild my supplied pump core as there were few rebuildable cores available. Basically, if the pump housing did not show excessive wear... they would clean the core and install the new gears. If housing wear was present, yur on your own to find a better core...
  3. While rebuilding the motor in #388 several years ago, I found the oil pump was the single most difficult component to replace. After locating several “better” cores, I decided to hunt down a NOS or repo, I wanted a “good” pump... this was no easy effort! Long story short... NOS was unobtainable, and the only repos I could find were poorly machined and so not an option. I ended up brazing up my original housing, remachining the gear bores, and bushing the shaft bores to fit a new SI gear set. I hope all your pump needs is new gears... but give the pump housing a real close look
  4. Not sure about Stuart’s car... but ‘ol #388 still has the original equipped dual exhaust system w/o the crossover pipe. With any luck I’ll get a call off to Silvertone someday when my wife isn’t lookin... 😉
  5. Sounds like a perfectly normal Avanti to me... I can barely touch the shifter on ‘ol #388 on a hot day here in northern califunny
  6. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say... 2) Coaxial
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