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  1. A 1 Cardone 42 A 1 Cardone 42 - 46 for passenger side, gear kit Dorman 747 - 411 . as i installed on my 85's passenger door. Lou Cote
  2. I have an 85 Touring Coupe, it has only the block mounted fuel pump. You need to replace your old with one that is compatable with alcohol laced gas. with the high mounted fuel tank, any diaphram failure can fill the crankcase with gas. In 2009 I replaced my old pump with Airtex 41378. Lou Cote
  3. Rob, if they are 1/2 - 20 75 - 80 ft. lbs, if they are 3/8 - 24 40 - 45 ft lbs. as found in Avanti Shop Manual section "F" under brakes. Lou Cote
  4. I place jack plus heavy wood block under center steer, jack up and place jackstands under lower a frames near shock mounting point. For the rear, depend if you want rearend up or allowed to full droup. Under spring pads or axle or at frame where x crossmember meets frame. If you put the front stands at the x point you are not supporting the weight of the engine. Lou Cote
  5. Either dexron or ford type F , Napa or other retailers carry or can get. If you are doing a change drain converter ( drain plug) too, clean screen also. Pan gasket same as ford FMX Lou Cote
  6. You can use the same rear seal as the GM T 350 or 700 R 4. Lou Cote
  7. The ground strap goes from the top bolt on the adapter (frame) to the front engine mount bolt. Lou Cote
  8. Make sure that you tell them your gauge only reads to 80 psi, the one for the 100 psi gauge will give you a wrong reading. BTDT Lou Cote
  9. As to battery drain, power to the engine computer is on all the time unless battery is disconnected. Lou Cote
  10. In the 2018/2019 roster it is located in Battle Mountain Nevada area. Lou Cote
  11. They are vinyl covered heavy cardboard. there should be 6 screws No. 8 - 15 X 1" .. Lou Cote
  12. What parts of the frame need work? The lower plate may still be available from Dan Booth at Nostalgic Avanti, the rear tubular cross member is available from Don Simmons at Silvertone Exhaust in Ontario Canada. Welcome to the World of Avanti !! Lou Cote
  13. MFG this rearend was picked up from the origional owner, as he swappped it out for a twin trac unit. Back in the 80's I worked at a K Mart auto center, I know the difference between ford an gm brakes did a lot of both. As typical with ford rear wheel cylinders, too rusty and pitted to rebuild. My cost at NAPA less than ten each. Lou
  14. A trip to the, shop shows that the rear shoes are 11 by 2 inch, drums are Kelsey 57973. Backing plates are Bendix 324120 L & R. Brad ???? Lou Cote
  15. The wheel cylinders are ford, I spent a 1/2 hour at O Reileys looking thru hardwear packages, but didn't find a match I will find them. Lou Cote
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