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  1. 8E45E

    Avanti RQA-0042!

    WAG here. First with a 400 cubic inch engine? Craig
  2. Chances of a vehicle serial number being shown would be far greater in a registry than a membership roster, provided someone started one for Studebaker Avantis. Do you remember anyone asking you to submit information on your Avanti including the serial number? And if you were asked, did you cooperate and submit it? If so, you can hope someone will come forward who may have an old copy. Vehicle rosters don't usually state more than the year, model, and body style. Craig
  3. Here is are some clays from what would have been the intermediate-sized all new car that was Avanti inspired. It would not have replaced the two-door only Avanti. https://forum.studebakerdriversclub.com/forum/your-studebaker-forum/general-studebaker-specific-discussion/58331-from-the-archives-83-the-new-avanti Craig
  4. 8E45E

    Egbert Meeting!

    Tell us more about that car. Canadian selling price? Color? Options? Craig
  5. 8E45E

    Avanti Designer

    Gotcha! Her name was Peggy Sauer, who came from General Motors and worked for Raymond Loewy/Snaith from 1962 to 1964. Correct that she had a hand in the interior layout and colors, but her notable contribution was the slide-out vanity tray with the mirror on the underside of the pop-up lid. https://www.behance.net/ Of course it also appeared on the Lark-types for 1964. Craig
  6. 8E45E

    Avanti Gear!

    Noise as stated, and flaking/spalling. Craig
  7. Who was the woman designer on Lowey's styling team, and what did she contribute to the Avanti?
  8. 8E45E

    Museum Reaches Out!

    It definitely WASN'T me!! Craig
  9. The United Kingdom does not use metric for road speed or distances, and didn't in 1962/3 when the car was delivered new. Craig
  10. 8E45E

    Avanti Display!

    No, it was the actual 'show car' that was commissioned by Bertone, specially for the event (hence its name) upon which all the production models were based. I believe it wasn't until 1970 when they became available for sale to the public. But that is correct, no Alfa Romeo Montreals were ever sold in North America. Craig
  11. 8E45E

    Avanti Display!

    Oh, how I wish it could have been a 'special' for Canada's Centennial celebrations that where held at Expo'67 in Montreal! (Of course, your answer is correct, as Avanti did almost zero marketing in Canada in 1967.) According to Stu Chapman, had Studebaker still been manufacturing cars in Hamilton a year later, they would have had a display in Montreal at the 'Autostade', along with the (once) Big Three, AMC and Volvo, which later became a football stadium once the Expo festivities were over. And Alfa Romeo did have their 'Montreal' show car concept in the Italian Pavilion. Craig
  12. 8E45E


    The order form states an SN60W is what would be supplied with a Corvair installation. Craig
  13. 8E45E

    Avanti AC-3310

    If the Production Order has a letter 'X' immediately after the AC- number, that means it was shipped in the trunk for the dealer to install upon delivery. Craig
  14. 8E45E

    Colorful Avanti!

    Wasn't Bamboo Cream or Bamboo Yellow a 1959 or 1960 Spring Color? Craig
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