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Real tires, Avanti body on stainless steel frame


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Here are some recent photos of the body on the stainless steel Avanti frame.

The following have taken place:

a. Body (floor pan) modified in those areas necessary for clearance. These consist of clearance for the 4-link, the Viper rear mount, and the front kick up.

b. First paint stripping of the body

c. Some Corvette tires and wheels installed temporarily. These are 275-40-18 rear, 245-45-17 front. We are contemplating 255-50-17 rear, 235-50-17 front, or something close, in those areas.

d. Body aligned to wheels.

e. Side pipes checked for fit.

If you look for the side pipes, you can see them. They are unobtrusive by being under the rocker, rather than outside. If you stand near the body they are hidden, and can been seen at a distance. The turn out tip in front of the rear tire in the re-entry wheel well looks like it was made for it.




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