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R2 Driver's...It could happen to you!


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This wasn't my idea but I had read in a couple of places where under boost the secondary throttle plates are held closed by incoming air pressure. I never bothered to attempt the fix because I thought my seconadaries were operating properly. Well, for the heck of it I took a little ZIP tie and secured the linkage and went for a spin. Wow!

The ZIP tie was replaced by a tack weld because as the plastic tie heated up it stretched and I could feel the difference from the first acceleration "Test".

The reason this happens is the AFB/Edelbrock carb's secondary linkage is actually opened with spring pressure. These are not vacuum secondaries but the spring is there to keep the secondaries from opening while the choke is closed. That, by the way, is another thing to check. If the choke linkage is not adjusted properly or the choke is not opening all the way the secondaries will not open. Pedal travel remains the same because the spring on the secondary throttle plates allows that to happen.

Pictures below, screwdriver tip shows where you should wrap a strong wire, tack weld or maybe JB Weld. There is one of an Edlebrock and one of an Avanti AFB.




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