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Hand Brake Repair


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Hello all,just a quick one. I am trying to remove the forward hand

brake cable from my car,I am at the point where I need to free the

clip that retains it to the floor[next to the transmission]. All the

shop manual says is to"Remove the clip that retains the cable conduit

to the floor pan"[page 21,step 2]. The parts catalog does not show

this clipto speak of.So,if any of you all know how this comes

out,please advise.Thanks. Richard Maxon

1963 R-1 RQ2350

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I'm not familiar with this clip (yet), but assume that some part of it goes through the floor pan. Have you looked from underneath the car to see what is protruding through the floor pan? Perhaps there is a nut or some springy extensions that need to be squeezed together to release the clip. You might need to remove some undercoating or grease and grime to get a good look at it.

By the way, I noticed your signature block includes "RQ2350." That appears to be the body number found on top of the right inner fender. The real serial number of your car is found on a stainless plate located on the top of the right frame rail. You can see it by opening the hood and looking straight down in front of the heater blower. It may be covered by grease, grime, or even paint. Of course this number should also be on your title or registration. It's the number that Avanti enthusiasts look for, rather than the body number. You might want to change your signature block to include this number.

When you figure out the clip, let us know. Good luck.

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Thanks for the input. I did find out how to drop that clip. You need to pull the carpet back,on the drivers side,away from the console and you will uncover the nut[7/16"] that secures the clip to the floor board. What I am dealing with now is that the forward cable and handle assembly is frozen. They have to be separated before either can be removed from the car. The shop manual sort of suggests the cable can be pulled through the firewall. If it can,then I haven't been able to do it. The 1/2" bolt that holds the handle assembly to firewall is difficult to remove with the spark plug wire runs in place. I got it out but I don't know exactly how I'm going to get it back in. Well,I do,sort of,I will reinstall it while I have the engine out for rebuild.

Thanks for the information on the serial number. I have seen both tags but honestly didn't know which one Avanti owners used. I will get the number off the frame and use it from now on. My car didn't come with a title,I went through my state's[North Carolina] Title By Bond program. Richard Maxon

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