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F/S: Original AVANTI Factory Parts Book


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This is an ORIGINAL Avanti Parts Book, not one of the reproductions. As you know, the 1963-1964 Avanti Parts Book is quite a helpful resource, when we're working on our cars. Of course, the part numbers are great to have, when we're talking with the various Avanti parts sellers. But, I also find the individual part and systems illustrations in the Avanti parts book useful.

This original Avanti factory parts book has very clear printing and sharp illustrations. Overall, this parts book is clean and in good shape. It's 100% complete. The only blemish to note is the loss of some of the black surface color on the outside back cover, as shown in one of my photos.  No text printing was lost, of course. It looks like there was a sticker of some kind on the outside back cover, and someone peeled it off (along with some of the black).

The price for this Avanti Parts Book is $35, plus the cost of U.S.P.S. Media Mail shipping. Thanks for looking. John

017 (625x700).jpg

023 (700x500).jpg

026 (516x700).jpg

028 (700x489).jpg

032 (562x700).jpg

035 (584x700).jpg

019 (614x700).jpg

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