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Help With Windshield Wiper Installation


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I took my Avanti apart years ago to be painted, before I had a digital camera! All I have are scrawled drawings, and none of the windshield wiper motor. Installed the motor from the engine side, secured it with washers and nuts. Following the Manual, ran the motor, turned it off and it returned to Home. So when I went to attach the long arm and, as you’ll se in photo 1, the motor attachment piece has horizontal grooves in the home position, while the connecting arm is too long and in a vertical position. If you push the wipers and attach the arm it doesn’t work, of course. By clicking the key, got the motor to stop so the grooves were vertical and, as expected, that didn’t work either. If you look at the parts diagram, I don’t know what 2149-7, a round washer-like thing is. What have I don’t wrong – what am I missing?





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I can't see a way to edit the original post, but anyway, it occurred to me to mount the long drive arm on in various positions. So I had the short piece that bolts directly to the motor on  the left, then the right, already tried it "straight ahead". All require moving the wipers somewhat off their off position. None worked. In one version they would continue all the way up, then down, stop, make a funny sort of "click" noise. BTW the motor runs just fine with nothing hooked to it, both on high and low, and goes to Home position when turned off.

There has to be somebody out there that can explain this!

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