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1963 Avanti Air Conditioning


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After replacing both leaking valves on the compressor (so no Freon), I am ready to vacuum pump down, and charge up. I am staying with R12, as I have a tank, and know the specs are for fill 3 lbs., and check the sight gauge for bubbles.  I bought some Supercool Ester Oil that says compatible with R134a and R12. 

The question is: How do I tell how much oil to put in, if any?

I do not want to take all components off, try to dump and see what is in there now.

Anybody help Please!

George Rohrbach

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Here is what I decided to do:

Since the slow leak that I had was the valves, and not a catastrophic failure that would have blown out a lot of oil with the Freon, I just added 1 oz. The diagram was helpful, but the fill plug is on the side where the mounting is, so no way to get to it, without taking off more than I wanted to, at this point in time.
If I have any issues, I will take off, and also take off all the other parts for renewal at the same time. But I would probably keep the original York.

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By Brad Bez

Bez Auto Alchemy


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