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Taking off starter to put freeze plug in

Dan Boone

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Mine is standard shift and standard steering.  This starter appears to not have been the original.  There were two bolts on either side.  We got the starter off with a long extention with an angle on the end to hold one side and loosening the other side.  We replaced the freeze plug and had no leaks.  My brother used to own this car, and he said he could change the starter in about 20 minutes.  I think he was talking about the original starter with a bolt that has a flat head screw type on one side and a bolt head on the other side.  That kind would be much easier to access. I'm learning as I go as you can probably tell.  I got her on the road again.  After I changed the thermostat, the water pump and had the radiator re-cored and cleaned out the gunk where the freeze plug was replaced, it seems to be running remarkably cooler, but I only had it out at night one time so far.


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