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Fuel pump


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I have a problem that may be related to the fittings installed in my 63 Avanti R1. When I got the car it had a leaky Lark fuel pump on the car. I have since installed the correct modified for Studebaker Carter pump. The Lark pump had a fitting for the fuel inlet that was what appears to be a large brass fitting to fit the larger fuel line. The fitting needs a reduction to adapt to the Carter pump. From what I can tell this is the correct inlet. The outlet from the Lark pump was a T-fitting with one line going to the carb and the other going to the tank return. I t appears to be a standard t-fitting with nothing special. What should be here and how would I buy one?

The other problem is if it sits for a couple of days I have to crank it quite a bit to get it to start. This seems strange because if I take the main fuel line off the pump, fuel will flow out freely from the tank.



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Dang ... I REALLY should have documented this, I as JUST finished fixing mine.

My Avanti had the right parts when I got it, but the return line started to leak

about 7 years ago, so I pluged it it the fuel pump. The lines to the carb from

the pump are 5/16 flare, the t-block at the pump has an 1/8 male pipe into the

pump, and an 1/8 female opposite of that, with an 1/8 female facing up toward

the carb. You need an 1/8 pipe to 5/16 flare fitting for that connection. On the

return line hole directly opposite of the male pipe that screws into the pump, I

had LOST the original fitting. So I bought an 1/8 to 1/4 flare 90 degree angle,

and a 1/4 flare hose bib. Look around for the hose bib, the one I got was a

"Brass-Tite" brand 1/4 inverted flare (IF) to 1/4 hose. Most that I found didnt

have a long enough tube for the hose, part number 43287 did. Now comes a

difficult part. The hole in the hose bib is way too large, the Avanti requires a

metered hole, the way I got around this was drilling a 1/4 hole in the threaded

end of the hose bib, and then pressing some 1/4 brass stock into the hole. I

than drilled a .050 hole through the pressed in brass. Than you use teflon tape

on the hose bib when you screw it into the 90 angle, normally you dont use on

a flare fitting, but when you put the brass plug in, you will remove the flare tip.

Make sure you use telfon tape on ALL pipe connections. My .060 drill wouldnt

fit in my drill, so at 11 o'clock at night, I just drilled it with the smallest drill that

would fit in my drill, I ended up with approx a .090 hole, then I used a center

punch to close up the hole by distorting the material around the hole, got it down

to about an .080 hole. Car runs fine, so I think I am OK.


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