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Interior Rear View Mirror Questions


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I have a small mirror on my '63 Avanti. It is dark tinted for the benefit of night driving. Were all mirrors like this?

Also, other than tightening the screws on the mirror stem, are there additional ways to tighten the ball joints on the mirror stem to keep the mirror in vibrating loose?

Thanks in advance!

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I had same problem with R4541's mirror. To fix the problem I removed the mirror and the two halves of the mounting clamp. I removed a small amount of material from the bosses the screws go through. Now I can clamp up the mirror so it does not come loose.

My mirror, which I believe to be an original, is a Day-Night type with a knob to switch between the two. It is wide.


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There were actually two variations of the small tinted interior rear view mirror. They are shown side by side in The Authenticity Manual. There was also a kit and a Sevrice Letter that provided conical washers to tighted the stem.

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There were no interior mirrors with an adjustment feature from the factory.

So the "Night" or "Day" adjustment mirror feature was a post-Studebaker mirror feature?

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I have a mirror stem from a Thunderbird on my 64. It is just enough longer than the stock part that makes the mirror much more useable. When I would show the car the stock stem goes back on.

Denny Lockmon

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