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convertible top for 1989


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Just got my 89 back from the shop with its new top; it looks fantastic. This topic has been on forum in past but I never got a clear answer as to what to do. Thought I would pass on what was done in this case for anyone interested in new top but not sure how to get it done. Brad Biz provided the point of contact for a "manufactured" top based on an original top. The alternative was to have one made by the installer which, my experience indicated, it would be far more costly. The top was delivered to a Norfolk, Va hot rod shop. In this case the cost was $750 for a stunning well fitted manufactured top and $750 for professional upholstery shop installation and $300 for oversight by the hot rod shop. So if you do it your self deduct $1050. Do not know how this compares with others who have gone thru this but if you need a top it is something to consider. Ken, Deltaville, Va

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