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new home for a 1988 Convertible


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Well, I took the plunge and bought 1988 Avanti Convertible. RQB 1600 was getting lonely, sitting in the garage all by herself. So, the wife FORCED me to by the 1988. This car, vin 12 aav2227j1000253, had 27,574 original miles at time of purchase. It now has 29,584 miles on it. The car was purchased in Michigan City, Indiana from the second registered owner. It has never seen rain, snow, grave/dirt roads, or salted roads. Nassau Blue exterior, tan leather interior and tan top. I left Indiana on Monday (7-18) at 6:45 AM, and arrived home at 4:45 PM today. The only problems were a loss of power to the door windows, and a loss of Freon (96 miles from home in 106 degree temps.). Now to work on the problems, maybe I'll be enticed to repair RQB 1600.

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