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63 R1 Carburetor Needle Valve and Seat Question

Jim 63R3984

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I just received my SI carb kit for my R1. And the needle & seat are much different then the ones I removed from the carb. The new needle and seats are longer and when installed the float won't move at all or not with out a lot of float adjustment anyway. I thought I would see if anyone else has encountered this with Avanti R1 carb kit.

Prior to the rebuild, I jacked up the rear end of the Avanti to look at disconnecting the fuel line from the tank so I could drain the old fuel out. While the back was up in the air gas started to pour through the carb and down the intake. So I purchased a new carb kit and also a fuel pump. So I wonder if someone rebuilt this before and used the wrong needle and seat.

The number stamped on the carburetor is 3589S which my kit from SI covers.

I can't seem to post a picture of the needle and seat on this forum. I was able to on the SDC Forum however.
Any help will be appreciated.

Thank You

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