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Electric fuel pumps?


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Any reccommendations on how to install an electric fuel pump to an R-2 avanti, especially since it has the fuel return line to the tank?

The more I read about the '60's Supercharger technology, the less secure I feel about installing an electric fuel pump.

On the other hand, putting a elec. pump in my '53 Commander with a 289 V-8 Hawk engine was the best thing I've ever done to the old girl, and solved my fuel feed problems instantly. But it doesn't have the fuel return line like the Avanti does.

Any ideas out there?

Thanks, Jim

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This is a great topic, and I am also interested in the findings if someone has done

this upgrade. I also updated a C/K with an electic pump years ago, and yes it was

an instant improvement. It was my '60 Hawk, and roughly a 10PSI pump, I had

to use a pressure regulator, so I would assume that pretty much ANY electric fuel

pump will deliver enough pressure for ANY older car (supercharged or not). I put

the one on my Hawk in the front, next to the radiator. Most say that they should

be in the rear, but I think that as long as its below the fuel level, it should be fine.

You dont want it to run WITHOUT fuel, it will burn up quickly. The Avanti tank sits

up pretty high, so I think it would be difficult to mount it above the fuel level. ;)

Anyone done this mod yet?


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