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New Avanti chassis rear crossmembers installed


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We have added the crossmember that will support the front of the Dana 44 differential, as well as the rear crossmenber at the spare tire well. We will be omitting the tire well in this instance, however the frame is designed to clear it if so desired.

I don't know if many attend the Springfield Ohio Cars & Parts Swap Meet and Car Show this Memorial weekend, but we may be showing this chassis. as well as a stainless '57 Chevy chassis under construction.




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Pretty cool stuff. If my frame was bad enough I would certainly consider it.

Since you obviously have great skills, I have a suggestion that you might

want to consider as a sideline. Two areas of the factory chassis could be of

interest to you, to fab parts for. One would be to design a 4 link suspension

that utilizes the factory Dana solid axle, and front leaf spring mounts, and

adds upper control arm mounts to a bolt in crossmember in front of the rear

axle. Mounts on the axle could be added to a plate that attaches to the rear

cover, and goes over the axle to except tube arms, then coil over shocks

could be used to support the car. This could seriously improve the handling

of the car, and even the ride control.

The second area is the steering box, adapting a plentiful quick ration power

box from a newer car could do wonders to get a Stude around a corner.

Just some ideas to consider, I dont have the kind of money to afford a frame

and suspension like you are developing, BUT I could shell out the cash for

improvements to what I already have.

Wonderful work though! Will be interested to see how it performs! B)


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