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Windshield Wiper Motor


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I have a 1963 Avanti S/N 63V-3257B . (This is the actual number on the ID platre on the frame on the passenger side). The wiper motor quit on me about an year ago. I had it rewound and the shop said that it worked finer now on the test bench. I think I hooked it up to the car harness Ok but not sure about that. The motor doesn't work right now and I think the shop may have hooked up the on-board wires wrong. Can someone with a 63 car draw me or tell me what their color codes are on the wires and what terminals they are hooked too. I cannot find much in the manual that shows this hookup.

Thomas: Thanks for your note but the info did not help me much. I need a WW motor wwiring diagram. I don't know why the factory did not include this in the manintenance manual. I searched thru all of my factory service notes to no avail. Does anybody out there have a wiring diagram for the 63 Avanti two speed WW motor?? My direct E-mail is agd931@hevanet.com. The motor has four black wires coming from it. I assume they are for the field and the armature and the coding on the wires are black, blue, red and yellow. Which two go to the gear box solder terminals and the park circuit???

Also, ever since I had the car, about ten years now, the tach does not work and I cannot find the sending unit can under the dash. I have been told that it is there but do not see it anywhere. If I can find it I think I can order a new one???

Thanks in advance for your help. 2nd Posting May 24, 2006, 1325 pacific time

Al Duble, Newberg, OR.

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I thought this would be as simple as lifting the hood and looking at my wiring. Wrong - all my wiper motor wiring is black!

So I cribbed the following from my books:

Black wire to wiper armature-field (series) to wiper switch

Blue wire to wiper park switch to wiper switch (depressed parking)

Yellow wire to field (shunt) "ground" for running to wiper switch

Red wire to field (shunt) "battery" for running to wiper switch

I hope that helps.

You may want to recheck your serial number, that is not an Avanti sequence. The serial number plate is mounted on the top side of the passenger side frame rail, seen just forward of the firewall while looking down through the engine compartment when the hood is open. It is likely covered in crud, use a good cleaner and a toothbrush to get through to the shiny part of the tag. If the sequental is correct, then you should see: 63R-3275. If it really reads 63V03275B (still small "B"), then it is probably off of a non-Avanti The small "B" (or small "A" on some Avanti's) appears following the serial number on some Avantis, but is not actually part of the serial number. Visible, when the hood is up, on the top of the passenger side inner wheelwell is your body sequental embossed number plate. Note: the serial number on the frame and body number on the right inner fender do not match up - and this has been a source of trouble with Avanti's since they were new. Yours should have two lines: the upper line embossed "63RQ", and the lower line embossed "22XX" (or possibly 23XX) , with the two x's likely being some number close to, but differrent than 75" . Many Avanti's have screwed up titles and registration serial numbers - mine was not correct when I bought the car, a minor bit of legal work later it is now registered correctly for the original serial number - plus I got a vanity license plate "6T3 R2".


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