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As a former Studebaker Packard New Car Dealer - Barton Sales & Service, Ohio, USA, one of our specialties is Personally hand-blowing, making, and signing STUNNING AVANTI DEALERSHIP SHOWROOM NEON SIGNS.

Your choice of sizes and Dazzling Neon Colors - custom made to order for YOUR Avanti model. Optional Barton Sales & Service Studebaker Packard Dealership signed brass plaque in front - with top two lines customized any way you wish - Perhaps your name, year and model of Avanti, etc.

Have helped many Avanti owners over the years - glad to help you, too. Recently shipped an Avanti Neon Showpiece to a proud Avanti owner in Australia. 

As featured at the awards banquet behind the speaker's podium at the South Bend, Indiana National Avanti Meet a few years back.

Mention AOAI for Specials during this month of August.

John Barton - Internationally Renowned Neon Glassblower & Light Sculptor, Ohio, USA. Shipping everywhere across the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia. Finest Quality with Attention to Detail. Photo featuring cobalt blue and ruby red - both luscious Stained Murano Italian Glass Neon Colors.

Website:  BartonNeonMagic.com . Email: info@BartonNeonMagic.com , or Call:  513-423-2618. 

Avanti Neon Sign.jpg

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