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Avanti engine blocks

Skip Lackie

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Studebaker engine sale, from the estate of the late Daniel Webber.  Bare blocks.  No apparent ridges on the cylinders.  These were all saved by Studebaker dealers as good blocks from wrecks or warranty work, and saved by Dan for ~50 years.  Located in Gaithersburg, Maryland, about 20 miles north of DC.  $50 apiece for the engines, $25 apiece for the transmissions.  Intakes and drive shafts are free.   Loading assistance from two old guys is available.  Inspection possible with prior arrangement.  No walk-ins.

1.  Two Avanti 289 blocks, R1324 and RJ304

2. Two Flightomatics

3. Bell housings, 6-cylinder intakes, clutch plates, drive shafts

Drop me a PM and I’ll provide POC phone numbers.

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