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1963 Avanti Coupe


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Have a 1963 Avanti coupe for sale, 289 motor with a automatic. Car is in very restorable shape, has been stored in a barn for several years so it will be somewhat of a project. I am posting this for a friend of mines wife, my friend has passed away and she would like to sell it. You can contact me with any question, I can e-mail more pictures upon request It is located in Washington State.

Here is a summary of the car from the former president of the Tacoma, Wa. Studebaker Driver's Club

Results of looking at genuine 1963 Studebaker Avanti on 12-06-2014. Body is Serial R03424 and Engine is Serial R-2801 (Note-first Avanti was engine R-101 and 1963 was first year of Avanti). This engine is known as an R1 and is a 289 cubic inch Studebaker V8 with a Carter AFB 4 barrel carburetor. The transmission is an automatic (Borg Warner). Transmission gearshift, heater and ventilation controls on console, console, Dash and all guages and light controls above windshield are original. The only things noted as not original are Appliance brand aluminum wheels, a Mallory ignition (that may have been an option) under the hood and rear view mirrors (although hey are in optional original location). No fluid leaks were observed under the car (GOOD). Battery was normal size & shape for an Avanti.
SUMMARY: This car is restorable and should be. 1963 and 1964 Avantis are very desirable cars, very drivable and pretty fast. I owned one for 13 years and drove it across our country 8 times and twice drove it well over 100 mph for several miles.
Deficient areas rated by my level of concern for repair:
1. Wiring under hood at upper rear of engine compartment both sides is corroded, bare and may have been overheated (too much current or too much heat). I doubt if car will run without this repair or knowing how to "work around" same.
2. Overall the all fiberglass body is in pretty good shape, except right front fender is badly torn at parking light area. The car obviously needs a paint job
3. Right side of hood hinge is not fastened. Did not study to see if it was just unbolted or what?
4. Windshield needs replacement.
5. Air filter was off carburetor indicating possible problem or just off for access. It was inside car.
6. Gas cap was off and inside car. Key? before putting back on.
7. Front sway bar was in trunk, needs to be reinstalled-was /is there a problem?
Items 1-7 must be fixed before driving, maybe not #2 if a good duct tape job is done, but it will only get worse if not repaired.
8. Carpets appeared bad and some of upholstery-needs overall cleanup to see what's really needed to be replaced. Headliner in rear was missing.
9. Driver's side window held up by custom brace and passenger window regulator works but not very well.
10. Access cover from back seat into trunk appeared to be missing (didn't see it).
11. Trunk needed cleanup to see what's missing (normally fully carpeted) with a scissors jack, handle and wrench for wheel lug nuts.
12. Rear bumper including verticals should be rechromed or replaced.
13. Flat left rear tire-tires have adequate tread.
14. Believe exhaust pipe extensions may not be original.
1. Engine and transmission status-forgot to check mileage on odometer or to smell and look at engine oil or transmission oil. Studebaker engines have been know to sit for years and still start up (but sometimes they don't). I wanted to put a socket (1 1/2 inch on bolt at front of crankshaft) and breaker bar to see if engine would turn (not frozen) but would need front end jacked up for access.
2. Brakes conditions are unknown and the whole system should be gone through before driving-master cylinder, each wheel cylinder, front disc brake pads and pistons.
3. Did not check water/antifreeze (very important on these engines).
Sources of information: AOAI (Avanti Owners Association International), Studebaker Drivers Club, Studebaker International (Greenfield, In.) and other vendors for parts.
All of these have web sites on internet and parts are still quite available.
My estimate to price this car for sale is 7,500-6,500, be willing to come down, but don't go below 5,000.
If you need further information, feel free to ask. Photos sent separately..
Neil Wollam, Port Orchard Wa. ex Tacoma Studebaker Drivers Club president 2012-2014

Thanks, Gary













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