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F/S: COMPLETE R1/R2 Oil Pan, with Crankcase Vent Tube and Bracket, and Separate Main Bearing Baffle.


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This is a complete, original R1/R2 oil pan set-up. It includes the genuine R1/R2 oil pan, crankcase vent tube and attachment bracket, and the separate, additional oil baffle that bolts on a rearward main bearing cap.

This R1/R2 oil pan has a few dents here and there, but is in overall good condition. It was painted gloss black by a prior owner years ago. Sold in "as-is" condition, since I've never had the occasion to install this oil pan on one of my engines.

The price for all items shown and described is $425, plus shipping. Thanks for taking a look. John

NOTE: I'll also be posting a different R1/ R2 oil pan-only for sale. It’s a genuine R1/R2 pan, but without a vent tube, or the separate rear main baffle included.


035 (800x569).jpg357214076_037(800x537).jpg.85f28a5be85657e4a38f6ca472e0bb64.jpg1064270281_038(800x600).jpg.2ea9830a22a6de52e8f56118602b3a64.jpg1673134026_041(471x800).thumb.jpg.7d7f12aa03dae9765986e46dfa8aa6df.jpg

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