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R-1/T-10 Drivetrain Needed


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I recently purchased a '63 Avanti that came from South Bend equipped with the R-1/T-10 driveline. Over the course of the years the car was shipped to the Avanti II boys where a complete "upgrade" to a GM driveline and interior was accomplished. Being a purist, I would prefer to return the drivetrain back to it's origins. The interior resto is easy and I have several shops lined up to do the actual work. However, finding a suitable transplant driveline has proven to be the stopper. I will begin this work immediately after the Palm Springs show in April. If I am unable to obtain these items, I will have to "Hot Rod" this Avanti. Either way, I win, just in different ways.

If anyone has these components available for immediate sale, or knows where I can obtain them, please contact me @ 760 Five Hundred-Ninety-Seven, Forty-Two.

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