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Dunlop caliper cross over tubes


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I need to replace mine, and since they're the same design as the Jaguar XKE brakes I was wondering if there is a difference in the Bendix design that I'm not aware of. There's a lot more selection and a significant price difference between what SI wants for theirs and the Jag vendors:http://xks.com/i-7084335-06-3003-bridge-pipes-stainless-rear-pair.html

The next question; is there a difference between the Jag front and rear brake cross over? This vendor says not: https://etypeparts.myshopify.com/products/c7783

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Just to put a bow on this thread, I got the new crossovers from XKs Unlimited and they fit perfectly. In these pictures you can see why I needed to buy new ones. Previous owner seemed to think that they should be on the outside of the caliper. Some rubbing had occurred....

While I was there I centered the caliper bridge and replaced the front wheel bearings, along with painting things up to look close to stock.




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