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Hallibrand Wheels, Exact Reproduction


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post-10698-0-03516200-1413994133_thumb.jpegA dead on accurate replica of the long talked-about famed #7011 Halibrand wheels that were offered as a dealer option by Studebaker for the 1963-64 Avantis, Hawks, and Larks. The new wheels are 100% USA made. They are made out of aluminum not magnesium as the originals were. They are being produced and offered by Real Rodders Wheels.

. All wheels are one-piece cast just as the originals, in US foundry using todays state-of-the-art tooling and casting methods. Unlike the originals, these wheels are manufactured up to OEM specs and testing, with todays safety standards built in such as tire safety beads, rim and tire bead seat angle, radial cornering and crash testing etc. and are tubeless.

Wheel molds were made from an original OEM NOS wheel supplied by Studebaker Club authority Jon Myer. Upon Jons suggestion they added equally to each side of the wheel to arrive at a 15 x 6 width for both better handling and tire selection.

The spinners are also exact replicas of the originals and are being offered through Myers Studebaker Parts. Price is about $349 each plus the spinner from Jon.

(Real Rodders Wheels: 805-402-2212)

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