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1984 Touring Coupe For Sale


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I recently bought an 88 Convertible so now I need to sell my Touring Coupe. I am the second owner, I bought it out of his estate. He was actually an Avanti dealer in town. It has 95,500 miles. It is very road worthy. This is one of 50 Touring Coupes that were made. I am not sure how many survive today. I have pictues loaded on Photobucket---


This is a fun car to drive. The only broken items I am aware of are the AC needs a charge but has been converted to 134 and the power antenna does not go down.

The car has had one repaint by the original owner whom changed it from all red to red and black like the later models sometimes had. He thought it was too much red. The Ricardo seats are very nice. The radio was also upgraded at some point by the first owner and all works except for the indicated antenna.

This car brings a lot of looks at shows and when driving it down the road. Hagerty shows that a number 2 is valued at $21,700 and a number 3 is $14,000. I believe this car is a 2.5.

I am asking $14,000. If you research Touring Coupes you will see that they are in demand and hold values well.

This has a GM 305 drive train.

Please email me at mryoder at swbell.net if interested

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I discussed the car with the owner.

August 26...now listed at eBay for $15K. Seller says he will trade this one for a comparable Avanti. His has historical value and he doesn't want to modify it. Good deal for a trader with a car of similar value.

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