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1972 Avanti 2 for sale


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I came here checking the possible value of my dads Avanti 2


I talked to him today with the ballpark of pricing I learned on here and he said it was time to try to make it happen and sell it to the right person.

So rather than type the same stuff here please visit that tread for some details,

I know it's a worthless post wthout pictures they will be here in a day or so,

Please hit me first if you have interest in the car, ( It's located in Jacksonville Florida )

My email the13bats@aol.com

My phone, 407-496-8334 text is great and please leave a message if you get machine, I will call you back.

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Life has all been in the way of getting up to jax to visit dad and get some pictures and I realize trying to sell a car is worthless without pix,

But like I said in the other thread, the car isn't going to be parted out, it's just too nice in too many ways and while dad will give a bargain price to the right person it will be someone who will try to restore the car,

With that said, were you wanting it to fix a car you have or just hack up to flip the parts?

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I respect and understand that....if you think you are serious as much as

you can be at this point give me a ring we can see if the car

is something you might want

paul 407 496 8334 up most nights til 11 weekdays florida time


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Its all good...talked to dad last night....pictures by friday

he says while he would give a better price to an avanti person

the car has to go...his price while I will not post here is very fair

in my opinion all things considered...he is not dreaming its

some tall dollar ride...its low end on price and I do not believe

you would find one that looks better in and out for that price

curious? ....call me 407 496 8334

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Here are the long awaited pictures,

A little extra info and a recap,

Dad bought the car is south Florida in 1984 it now has 168000 + - miles,

In the last 1.5 to 2 plus years it hasn't been driven except perhaps around the block,

Today it wouldn't start dad thinks it's not getting fire/spark I know if I was there I could have it started in less than an hour and it's not serious but dad is 89 and I told him not to mess with it, ( his health is not up to it ) my first guess is it's something silly like the coil wire has came loose,

My dad was a navy airplane tech and rewired this car to use relays on all the stuff to take loads off the switches, it has Holley fuel injection that I personally know never missed a beat,

He says he would want a buyer to plan to tow it home saying that while the tires look okay he doesn't feel they are road safe, in my way of thinking because it has sat it needs to be freshened up and gone over.

I know when he drove it he would top off the AC each season from it leaking and of course the hog troughs are rusty,

As you see from the pictures the car is still a stunner, the interior is a burnt cherry a 7-9 out of 10 as is the pearl exterior that shimmers sky blue in the sun,

Dad is motivated to get it sold he is not all sentiment about it and very realistic on his pricing from what I see people ask on CL and ebay, in fact you will not find a better looking Avanti at his price,

I believe that the right Avanti person could really steal it from him because he would love it to go so someone who would try to do something with it, I wanted to take the car on but I am in the middle of restoring my 69 vette and have too much on my plate.

So if you have more questions or want to talk about it please hit me up off forum so I don't miss it,

Paul 407-496- 8334 or the13bats@aol.com







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I love that interior color. Beautiful. You should take more pics, including the underside, and put it on Ebay. That's my opinion. I'd buy it to restore but I don't have room for it and I need to unload a couple of other cars. :(

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