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avanti upper body measurements


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Anyone out there have any measurements of the upper body of an Avanti? I am especially interested in the A pillar to A pillar distances and the A pillar to B pillar measurements. My right door doesn't fit right, too little distance to the W/S pillar for a weather strip to fit, and ran out of adjustments on glass and vent frame movement to get enough room for the rubber, even with the door almost hitting the B pillar. I believe this car was hit and repaired on the right side or right front, as the hood doesn't fit right at the rear corner/cowl top panel. Before starting to peel the fender and apron to get at the pillar to pull it, a set of measurements to go by, would be great. The left door fits "okay" but not great (a little low front and back) so I'm afraid to just use the opening measurement from that side, which would probably be close but no guaranty.

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Kind of difficult to measure with all mouldings in place...but here goes : (This '83 has never been hit)

A pillar to B pillar, right side, measured at top inside corners....29 3/4"

Height of right side door opening measured 15" forward of B pillar...39 1/4"

A pillar to A pillar, parallel to floor, in line with L&R door upper hinges lower retaining bolts.....54 1/4"

Let Me know if You need more specific measurements.

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