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Original engine bay help needed


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My '63 R2 just got requested for the Houston Auto show - they have an exhibition of a few classics at the show by invitation only - and it needs a little work. Tough part is the show is late January so I better get busy.

The car is original with a late 1970's restoration. The main thing I want to do is get the engine looking good and looking as stock as possible.

Where can I find some realy good detail photos of what the engine bay is supposed to look like as original?

Stuff I know I need to do: paint components - supercharger etc (what is paint code or color for blower), battery cables look aftermarket and I need to figure out what they looked like and how they were routed, under hood decals, wiring look and routing. Just want engine compartment to look stock.

Much of the chrome on the car has pits - bumpers, trim rings, mirrors etc. am I better off buying new or re-chroming what I have?

Wheels - rims are scratched up and hubcaps faded. Assume best bet is to get wheels powder coated - what is original color/color code for them? They look cream now. For hubcaps - repaint or get new?

Car is white with orange interior.

Any advice appreciated. I am in Houston so any chrome shop recommendations appreciated.

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Studebaker International has the under hood decals...one by the battery SI part # 6-004), and IIRC one on the supercharger.

Also, they have new chrome oil filler caps with the correct STP decal affixed. They would probably be cheaper than getting your re-chromed.

Don't know about whether to re-chrome the valve covers and air cleaner. It might depend on the cost for having your redone. IIRC, a new air cleaner is $200+.

The electrical shielding is stainless and not chromed.

Don't forget the underhood insulation...they offer two different sizes, IIRC depending on your serial.

The basic bay is body color. The wiring on mine (I believe its original) is black.

The radiator shroud is semi-gloss black...and does not have a "Caution fan" decal. S-I sells those, but they're correct for Avanti IIs.

Do you have the correct red & white windshield washer bag? I found a NOS one through a Packard parts house in Montana at a great price. The bracket from which it hangs is also semi gloss black.

I repainted the top of my PS reservoir. I used aircraft paint stripper to take off the old stuff without blasting/sanding or adding more paint thatwould make the embossed lettering on it disappear. That added a lot to the appearance of the engine bay.

Hopefully, someone with a great original car will post photos. There are some great original cars out there.

As far as wheel covers, S-I has them for sale at $60-75 apiece. If your are in good shape dent wise, they (and others, I found a set on ebay) sell black decals for the black sections and you can repaint the silver inset parts with silver spray paint.

The wheel color is off white. They say Ford Wimbeldon white is close (available in spray cans from various out fits) or Studebaker white is sold by S-I and other Studebaker vendors.

Good luck with your project.

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