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1989 Coupe #488 For Sale


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For Sale - 1989 Avanti Coupe


My Avanti was manufactured by J. J. Cafaro in Youngstown, Ohio in May 1989. I believe it is one of the last 40th Avanti’s that still resembles the original 1963 Studebaker Avanti. The Avanti was manufactured on a Chevrolet Caprice shortened-chassis, with a standard 5.0 GM motor, 4R200 transmission, and a 7” 2.78 posi-rear end. (The Caprice VIN/1G1BN51E8KR126678.)

I purchased the Avanti on September 4, 1993, from the original owner who lives in Wilmette, Illinois. It was a daily driver. The vehicle had 54,400 miles. The original owner purchased the vehicle from the factory in the fall of 1989, where it was an executive driven vehicle.

Major maintenance and upgrades include:

· Oct 2000 – 78,200 – new radiator

· Oct 2001 – 82,700 – replaced both lower ball joints, idler arm, both sway bar links

· May 2004 – 89,400 – replaced transmission (with a 4L60) and rear end (with a 8.5” 3.41 posi)

· Jun 2005 – 92,500 – replaced motor with a completely rebuilt 5.7 GM (355 cubic inches)

· Jul 2005 – 92,800 – New tires and wheels

· Aug 2010 – 103,600 – new battery

My Avanti has no body damage and every accessory works. The tires have good thread, but are nearly 8-years old. All oil changes are with Mobil 1.

My Avanti has been on the Indy 500 track twice (completing a parade lap), was on the Bendix track twice, and drove on the AMC track in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

My Avanti’s trophies include:

· 1996, Car Show, Special Interest, 2nd Place

· 1997, Car Show, 1980’s Stock, 1st Place

· 2000, Classic Car Show, 1980’s Class, 1st Place

· 2001, AOAI, International Meet, 3rd Place

· 2001, AOAI, International Meet, 3rd in Class

· 2004, SDC, International Meet, 2nd Place

· 2009, AOAI, International Meet, 1st Place

· 2011, Car Show, Best Antique/Post-War Restored

I am offering the Avanti for sale because I am not driving it that much. In 2012, I only drove 675 miles; and in 2011, I drove 1,025 miles. I feel some who will appreciate and able to drive the car more, should own it.

My Avanti should be worth $25,000 - with the newer equipment in it. But, it is available to club members for $20,000.




Ernie Neely


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