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ORIGINAL Avanti Black Upholstery Material


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I purchased a quantity of this original black vinyl material from Avanti Motors in South Bend about 40 years ago. I bought it for some front seat repair work on 1972 Avanti ll I owned at the time. The graining matched the upholstery in my Avanti perfectly. I later owned a 1963 Avanti with black upholstery, and low and behold, this vinyl  also matched that remarkably well.

I'm selling what I have left from my original purchase of years ago.  This piece measures 39" wide by 55" long. It is in good condition, except for a little white dot blemish (fortunately located near one edge). I've shown that dot in one of the photos. Sorry it was so hard to show the graining pattern in the photos.

The price is $50, plus the shipping. Thanks for looking. John

204 (800x513).jpg

217 (800x540).jpg

205 (800x600).jpg

210 (800x600).jpg

220 (600x800).jpg

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