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Modern Mustang/Cobra brake conversion brackets available


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Just an FYI. I have available sets of Cobra brackets and also 2 piston GT brackets.

I can have some Cobras made into single GTs if there is a request.

PM me with questions.






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For those who don't know, Tom's brackets are beautiful and the Mustang conversion is maybe the best available.

Tom, FWIW, people are lazy. Many potential customers won't bother to follow all three separate links and read up on the details. Maybe, if you'd spell out the details in the first post what is being offered, how they fit, with photos, what years calipers and rotors are needed and the costs involved, more sales might be the result.

Once again, from what I've seen Tom's brake system would be the one I'd choose.

jack vines

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Here are some pictures of the new run, they are matte finish, and not shiny like the first batch.


2 Piston GT (fits 15 inch wheel)


Single Piston GT (fits 15 inch wheel)


2 Piston Cobra (requires 17 inch wheel or larger)


A rejected set from the first batch along side of a new run.



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I have one set of 6061-T6 Aluminum Cobra front brackets left. Just FYI.

I am also working on a GENII design, which will be steel. The plan is to incorporate all three caliper fitments into just one part so that the buyer can decide later on what direction to go, therefore upgrading/downgrading is a breeze. I will also finally be offering a rear bracket, in both Cobra and GT designs.

If you are interested, please feel free to email me at sbca96@aol.com to be added to a GENII update list for when they are available or to pre-order which will help me with manufacturing costs.


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