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Floppy Shift Boot?


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I don't know how many others have been plagued with this problem, but the 4spd repro boots have an 3 1/8" dia. while the fiberglass hole in the console is about 3.5" which tends to allow the shifter boot to move around during shifting and after several shifts into 3rd or reverse, the boot tends to slip down into the trans-tunnel. After thinking about disassembling the console top, removing the upholstery and fiber-glassing in the hole to a 3 1/8" diameter, I found that a Quad Ring placed in the rubber boots locating slot perfectly takes up all the slack while still allowing the boot to still fit and be retained by the upper bellows tightly. Problem solved............no more disappearing shift boot! and without re-glassing or resorting to messy silicone or urethane adhesives.

COST: a package of 10 is available from McMaster-Carr for $7.80(you only need one), but Quad Rings are rather a rare stock part at HD or ACE. BTW a Quad Ring is essentially 4 smaller o-rings that are molded together in a 4 leaf clover shape(visualize 88 molded together at the center). part # 90025K412. If your a CASO, I still have 8 left that I can part with............

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