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In the Spirit of the Season, we (wife and I) and another gracious SDC benefactor would like to give away a total of THREE (3) one year SDC Membership Gift Certificates

There's gotta be a catch, you say?!?! Yes there are many, and here they all are:

YOU must be up to 22 years of age...

YOU must NOT currently be a SDC member...

YOU must have been a member of this Forum at least since November 2010...

YOU must agree to attend at least one "Studebaker related function" in 2011...

YOU must tell …text, twitter ...or whatever it is you do ...at least one friend/relative that was not aware of the Studebaker Drivers Club...

YOU must assure us you have a parent or guardian's permission to accept this offer…

YOU must assure us ALL above conditions have/will be met...

AND LASTLY ...YOU must be the FIRST to PM us through this Forum with name and mailing address within the USA.

The Small Print:

1.) This offer is being posted on multiply Studebaker related Forums, so the time & date stamp when a qualified recipient’s PM is received, no matter which Forum, will be a governing factor for awarding.

2.) This offer expires 12:01 AM, EST, December 24, 2010, if three (3) qualified recipients have not been identified.

3.) Submittals on behalf of a second party will not be accepted.

4.) This offer is not being made by the Studebaker Drivers Club, Inc., AOAI, Racing Studebakers Forum, AACA or other organizations or business entities associated therewith

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