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Power window mystery solved..I hope


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When I bought the 88 beater Avanti neither of the power windows worked. I replaced the motor on the driver's side and the gear on the passenger. In the 10 months I've had the car I've had to re-fix the driver's window multiple times. It would work for awhile then not. I cured some switch issues with BMW switches and relays and it worked for awhile.

When it stopped working it would fail in the up position. One time I thought the motor had gotten soaked in a bad rainstorm so I took it apart let the thing dry out and tested the motor. Worked fine so I replaced the outer window seal stuck it all back together and things were fine...for awhile.

I tried loosening all the bolts to see if the regulator was binding, peaked inside the door with my borescope for interference. I even welded a tab on the end of the gear in case it was going too far and locking at the end of its travel.

Even though the motor would bench test fine every time it was detached from the regulator it would still lock in the up position once assembled. I was finally able to duplicate the porblem with the regulator out of the door and when it would lock a tap with a hammer and it would relase and go down. No matter how I studied the regulator I could not see anything that would cause the bind. I finally relented and bought another motor. Installed it and things seem to be working fine.

I just wasn't comfortable with the repair because I couldn't believe the motor was the culprit even though the new one seems to be working fine. I started looking at the old motor thinking I could see something that would explain the problem and lo and behold...


I pulled the gears out a little to make it easier to see that the shaft is not perpendicular to the base on the motor to the left. I feel better now.


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Good find..Mine are working good , except lol once in awhile the drivers door autos down when I turn the key on??swapped extra switch's and relays. Ok for a few days, then happens again?? But they work all the time... :D

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Easy fix, I figured it out yesterday. Once my motor was free to move my window was doing the same thing. I put a test light to the connection and it wouldn't do it. So I figured the switch needed a ground. Anyway, run a ground wire to the 3rd terminal from the left as you are looking down at the left side of the switch. Solved the problem and the lights in the switch are brighter.



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ernier, My driver window switch 1990 seems to not work. window is up. Looking at volt meter, it moves when other three window switches are touched but not the drivers side. I see a photo of a switch on your post oct 2010. Looks like you somehow pulled the switch out of the wood console. How did you do that? I'm afraid to try and remove wood as it seems to be really stuck with the leather all around it. Do you still have your car/



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