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Needed - 63 Avanti Drivers side window regulator


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Anybody have a working driver’s side window regulator for a 63 Avanti. Mine broke in the down position.

I was able to get it back to the up position after disconnecting the window however it jumped and slipped all the way up. I believe the problem is in the gear/shaft mechanism inside the regulator opposite where the interior handle attaches to the shaft. Both crank handle and handle end of shaft appear to be OK and the slippage is not occurring there.

I am almost sure I will need a replacement regulator. It appears that the problem is the handle shaft is loose in the housing. All the rivets are tight and the outer housing does not appear to move but the shaft moves around a considerable amount such that the shaft binds against the gear teeth. There must be a bearing or bushing inside that has fallen apart Can anyone help or have suggestion on replacement or repair.

Also need stainless interior door trim if anyone has these pieces available.


Jason Ford


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