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Liquidating my 15% off SI account


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Now that I am Studebaker-less for the foreseeable future, I am liquidating my 15% off account at Studebaker International. You can pay with credit card or Paypal. directions below.

  • As most of you know, if you prepay $2500 to SI, you get 15% off ALL purchases. That is what I did in 2006.
  • My current balance is $1648.90 worth $1896.23
  • you can pay by credit card directly to me using my PayPal account, https://cms.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/?cmd=_render-content&content_ID=marketing_us/send_money, type in "betsysbounty@sterkel.org" in to "TO" "1648.90" in the amount.
  • the second page, after you press enter will provide credit card directions
  • The first person to get the money to me, will have the account immediately transfered. I will not be offended if you check with SI to confirm

Terry, North Texas

1963 Avanti R2, 63SR1065 (sold)

1985 Kubota L2202(Diesel)

1999 Toyota rice burner

1986 Ford 150 Long Bed

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for those who read my fire sale of my Studebaker International Account Credit, here is a bonus.

A local company is liquidating SKIDS of CIplus-4 oil, At Their Cost. This is NOT CJ-4, and thus has the slug of ZDDP which many think is needed for pre-90's performance car performance.

Price? far less than those rip off bottles of ZDDP additive you see.

Contact me for info on this deal using the e-mail option, I no longer check these fora.


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