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Red Instrument Bulb Paint


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I just want to throw this out there again in case anyone is interested. I have a small can of the red instrument bulb paint that I could never use up in one lifetime. I had one of my instrument bulbs burn out and when I replaced it with an (already tinted) bulb the new one was (very obviously) not as red as the rest of them. I remembered having a small can of paint in the lot of spare parts that came with my car that was marked "red bulb paint". I removed the new bulb and dipped it twice, and what a difference when I re-installed it! So anyway, if you need to have some instrument bulbs tinted, or re-tinted, I would be happy to do it. All I'm asking is that you pay the shipping charges for me to send your bulb(s) back to you. Can't be more than a buck or two anywhere in the US. Send me an e-mail at hrhchazman@aol.com if interested.


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