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Loose door panel repair


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I've been repairing the inoperative power windows on the '88 I bought and before I removed the driver's door panel I knew there was a problem with the screw holes because the bottom corner was flopping around and would catch itself on the jam everytime I opened the door. Once I got a look at the door itself I could see that as the holes enlarged new ones would be made. There were 3 in the lower rear corner.

I was trying to figure out a way to get a retaining clip in there and while I was rumaging through my stash of assorted clips and speed nuts I found these u nuts. I think they came with something like a speaker grille but I don't remember. Any U or J clip would work you just need to get clips for thick panels.


Then I grabbed the Dremel tool that I use so little that I forget I even have it and attached a small pointed tip rasp. Using the width of the clip as a guide as where to cut I scribed a line

and cut a slot.



You need to cut wide enough to slip the clip in and turn it in. If you are using a beefier U or J clip you may need an even wider slot.


Once it's in you have a permanent threaded hole.


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