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Number 065 '63 Avanti R2 is back on the road. http://avanti.sterkel.org

1. rebuilt the differential, changed from 4.11 to 3.07 to make it more roadable at over 60 mph. I am surprised at how little around town driving has been affected. This engine has lots of torque, making the shifting only marginally harder.

2. replaced the transmission fluid with Amsoil GL4 Synthetic. This was the only GL4 I could find, with out "weasel words." One very obvious improvement is that 2nd gear, which was hard to put into gear and would "pop out to neutral" no longer is a problem.

3. Returned the Avanti to its original rake with the use of a "Jeep" part leaf spring from JC Whitney (Ruff Rider Brand). This is cheaper, and faster than all the alternatives discussed a) annealed re-arching (hot method) B) cold re-arching, c) fiberglass springs, d) "new" springs.

4. replaced the OEM/Gabriel shocks with KYBs as I reported in the Avanti Magazine. and at http://avanti.sterkel.org. This with the stiffened leaf springs make this a very much improved car. Nearly no sway in sidewinds and semi-passings. OEM/Gabriels will never be put on this car again

5. replaced all bushings with new

6. put in GL5 Amsoil Synthetic in the differential. Much less humm, and smoother true traction.

7. took the springs, wheels, brake parts, differential etc apart, and had all sand blasted. Treated with 2 coats of tractor anti-rust under coat and at least 2 coats of tractor enamel. Wheels go this treatment, but with sanding and several layers of color-correct auto paint, with 2 coats of sanded high gloss clear

8. Resleaved the wheel cylinders in brass, new re build kits, new springs, new hoses, new brake lines, synthetic fluid. The braking is '60s good, but I will look into either 1972 Ernie Ternovits Plymouth conversion (Avantopics Mag), or the one being discussed these years.

9. Replaced the Autolites with NGK copper Vs, the stranger noises are gone. I also replaced the apparently good cables with new from Thiobold?.

10. Trashed that dirt passing K&N with Wix Air filter. I will next clean out all the dirt that K&Ns are very well known to pass.

Next is lots of cleaning, checking for a clunk on county roads (loose bolts? or junk in the trunk?) clean the engine. put on the new plates, and some trim I have bought over the years.

Up and down the Highway. I had forgotten how much fun this car is.

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Boy, this is great news. Another original back on the road. You must be a proud pappa! Thanks for sharing, and will remember some of your "enhancements" to make it a more road worth car.

I am a bit behind you in my getting the "green hornet" back on the road. My blog is at http://forums.aaca.org/f190/avanti-r2-1963-refresh-269244.html

Enjoy your R2! John

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