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Red bulb paint


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I have a small can of the red tint for instrument (or gauge) bulbs. I recently had to replace the bulb in my fuel gauge, and though it was tinted red, it was kind of "weak" compared to the rest of my dash lights. I found this can of what was listed as "bulb paint" in the box of spare parts that came with my car. I dipped one of my spare bulbs twice in it, and installed it. What a difference! So here's the deal. I couldn't use all of this stuff up if I lived to be 700 years old. If anyone out there would like to have their instrument bulbs dipped in this stuff to make their dash lights all glow a nice deep red, here's what I'm offering. Send me your bulbs and include a buck or two to cover my cost of shipping them back to you. I'm not out to make money, I just have this stuff and would be glad to help anyone out who needs it. Send me an e-mail to hrhchazman@aol.com and we can work this out.


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