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Tempting "Cheap Avanti" in NJ


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For starters here's the Craigslist ad...


I've been speaking to this gentleman and have seen some good descriptive pictures.

Good news...

350 CID with a rebuilt TH 400, working R134 A/C, NO sunroof, interior needs carpet but seats, headliner, dash and door panels are very nice vinyl.

Tires look good and the car is unmolested right down to intact "cow-catcher" and fog lamps.

Bad news...

Needs bumpers to be re-chromed, body is not damaged but paint is trash and needs to be stripped. No chance for a 'lark-shine' application on this car.

The under-body supports are not rusted through but look like they may be soft in a couple of spots. This can only be confirmed in person because the visible rust may be surface only but I have my doubts. The only frame rust that I can see of any concern is the lower plate behind the left side wheel arch. The wheels arches look solid.

I believe the seller is open to offers. He's the second owner and is adamant that the 58,000 miles is original. I believe this is a drive while restore Avanti. The hog troughs could probably be treated from inside and reinforced from the outside and might not ever have to be replaced. The lower frame plate is very accessible and looks like a fairly easy remove and replace by any welding shop.


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