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1995 Camaro Z28 LT1 and 4L60E


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I thought I would post this up for you guys, I have the engine from my

wifes mint '95 Camaro Z28 for sale. As you may remember we were in

an accident last March, and totalled the car.

This was a daily driver that saw 110 freeway miles a day. GOOD running

LT1 engine w/192K miles on it and a rebuilt 4L60E with 66k. Whenever

this car needed anything it got it right away. The engine is still in the car

and can be started, so potential buyer can hear it run. It has the standard

LT1 piston noise at cold start, which goes away as it warms. The engine

was quite powerful, and she could easily spank my '93 Camaro Z28.

I am asking $1500 for whats left of the car, computer, wiring etc. This is a

nice upgrade for an Avanti II or a 65/66 Lark. I would do it myself but I

just have TOO many projects (and no 65/66 Lark).


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