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J J Caffaro's 1990


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For sale on eBay:

Up for auction today is a very rare 1990 Avanti 4 Door.

What makes this car extra special is it was the personal vehicle of J.J. Cafaro, owner of the Avanti company. J.J. equipped his car with a 350 engine instead of the standard 305. Also, there is no moonroof. I have included a photo of his title. Check out what he charged himself for this car! The 4 door was over $50,000 for everyone else. J.J. sure was a character...

I acquired this car last year. In that time I have completed the minor bodywork it needed, fixed the transmission, replaced the brakes, repaired a number of other issues, and completely repainted it.

What it still needs is, the gas gauge repaired, new carpet, full interior detailing, the door handles need rechromed, and the climate control fixed. I believe the issue to be a simple resistor, but am not sure yet. The wood is in very good shape as are the leather seats.

I am making the car available now to any bargain hunters that wish to do the work themselves. If the car does not sell, I will begin work again when things warm up and offer the car in late Spring complete for $30,000.

I will assist in the organization of shipping the vehicle. All costs for shipping are to be paid by the buyer.


Ernie N

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