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63/64 Avanti rear spring replacement problems


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I am doing a complete restoration of my 63 Avanti (which just happens to have a 64 Registration) While removing the complete rear-end assembly I discovered that the bolt holes in the forward spring attachment brackets ( Hanger & body bracket) where the spring bushing bolts go through have become elongated/oversize.

According to the repair manual the right bushing bolt has to be located in the second hole from the bottom and the left bushing bolt has to be located in the bottom hole. Why is this?

Since the other holes in both brackets are fine what would be the problem if I reversed the bolts, left one in the second hole and right one in the first hole?

If this is not acceptable, has anyone run into this problem and repaired the oversize holes with the brackets still on the car and the body mounted on the frame? if so how did you do it. ( don't want to remove the body except as a last resort.!!)

An additional problem I have is that the rear upper shackle spring bushings appear to be a press-fit through the frame. does it take a special tool to remove them. mine are the original bushings and not replacing them is not an option If anyone has removed and replaced these bushings without some kind of special tool would you share how you did it with me?

P.S. I am the second owner of this car and purchased it in 1966!!!

P.P.S. I had a complete set of rear springs manufactured at BENZ SPRINGS in Portland, Oregon for $240.00 Dollars I supplied the bushings. It only took 5 days. If anyone wants to know how to contact them I will be happy to post their contact information.

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Interesting problem. You could have special bolts made with a shoulder or drill the

holes out to the next standard size and have some fillers made from grade 5 washers

to go into the enlarged hole. Once everything is bolted together, the filler will keep

the bolt centered in the hole. You could tack the filler into place. Another way to fix

the problem would be to have plates made with the same pattern, and add some new

holes in the plate and the frame to bolt the plates to the outsides of the mounts. The

plates would require slightly longer bolts most likely, and should be the same material

thickness as the frame. Use grade 5 hardware to mount the plates, or weld them. If

memory serves the eye bolts are grade 5, you would need to confirm this. If they

are grade 8, then use that grade for the fillers or plate mounting hardware.

Yes, the bushings in the frame require a special tool, though you can make a tool from

bolts, washers and steel tube. I havent done it myself, but I read of others have.


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