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Sun roof worm shaft worn or the bar it moves is worn. n roof wont open


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So, you've looked at the mechanism with the headliner removed?

Not sure anyone can help without more information; you blame a worn worm shaft or bar, but have you really proven that? Seems unlikely the worm shaft is worn out, more likely something else attached to it is worn or something is hung up.

Was the problem slow to develop, or did it just happen one day?

What are the symptoms (can you hear the motor run? does the sunroof try to move at all in either direction?)

How do you know its not just the coupler between the motor and the worm shaft transmission (or between that transmission and the threaded rod) that has failed? Or the "nut" that connects the sunroof to the worm drive? 

I haven't personally repaired a sunroof, but it seems to me a worn worm shaft is unlikely.

There are businesses that repair sunroofs, but the issue may be getting (or making) parts for a long-discontinued sunroof.

Avanti sunroof.jpeg

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